Looking for talent

Employees are one of the critical factors of success in our University’s ambition to achieve a leading position in the scientific community and in the world at large. The quality of our staff plays a determining role in this context. Our University wishes to attract the best researchers and lecturers on the national, but also the international market. In addition to academic talent, Leiden University also has a constant need for excellent supporting and management staff. People who speak of their field or profession with passion, be it marketing, human resources, finances or ICT.


In order to make the best possible use of the available talent, the Universiteit Leiden focuses on developing a diverse workforce. In March 2009, the University signed the 'Talent to the Top' Charter. The Charter aims to promote a greater influx, transfer and retention of talented individuals in top functions, particularly female employees. By signing this charter, Leiden University commits to clearly measurable goals regarding the number of women at the top of the organisation. In addition, almost 30% of our academic staff have a non-Dutch nationality and our University aims to make optimal use of the talents of those with a work disability and ethnic and other minorities.

Last Modified: 13-10-2016